What we do

The Problem

According to a survey by GoI, even though the number of farmers has doubled the average land holding has remained the same. Hence the affordability of the farming equipments has reduce.

The rentals & supply chain in this market are not very conducive to the needs of a farmer.

The Potential

India’s mobile phone subscriber base has reached the one billion users’ mark, according to data released by the TRAI.

India currently has a smartphone user base of over 300 million, with smartphone penetration reaching Tier III and IV cities.

What Anaka’s solution does

Our solution enables a CHSC to interact better with farmer to have a higher level of mechanisation, and hence, higher productivity.

The solution

Anaka’s tech provides all the mobile services necessary to gather information on farmer and establish a direct channel of communication at any time, enabling us to deliver customised and timely solutions to their needs.

Anaka will leverage the network of service centers to give real time service to the farmers

Anaka’s tech helps CHSC to achieve higher profits by plugging the income leakage gaps.

Anaka’s reporting will provide new business opportunity by using strong BI tool

The Competitive Edge

  1. 1. Multiple channels to reach the farmer
  2. 2. Timely response to farmers need by remniders and related escalations
  3. 3. Tools and reports to make a CHS Centers into a profit center
  4. 4. Asset tracking and lifecycle management to increase profitability


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